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Ads2List  –Are you looking for more knowledge about  Ads2List?  Please read out my honest review about It before choosing,to evaluate the weaknesses and strengths of it. Can it worth for your time and money?


1.Creator:- Cyril Jeet

2.Product:-  Ads2List

3.Launch Date:-2020-Mar-20

4.Launch Time:- 11:00 EDT

5.Official website: Click Here

6.Front-End Price:- Launch Price $25 Dollar But Prices Increase Upto $47

7.Bonus:-Yes, Huge Bonuses

8.Skill:-All Levels

9.Guarantee:-30 Days Money Back Guarantee


11.Support:-Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе

12.Recommend:-Highly recommend!

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Ads2list is a powerful SAAS that works to help you get leads into your autoresponders from lead-gen ads on Google and YouTube. Working in this way, you can build your list from your targeted audience without forcing them to sign up on your site to give email address and phone number.

It even comes with the Commercial Rights so you can take advantage of it and make more money.



In this section of my Ads2List Review, I’m gonna showing some of the salient features of the software include:

1. Google Leadgen Ads

One of the most noteworthy features Ads2List has to offer is the Google Leadgen Ads integration that lets you target a large audience and run relatively cheaper ads on Google. Further, it also lets you advertise on YouTube without any hassle! The ads appear as popups that need to be clicked in order for the user to subscribe to them, making the experience extremely easy and effortless.

However, there are some drawbacks of this feature. For instance:

  Google only provides you with a CSV file of your leads

You need to be a coder in order to connect to autoresponders

Even simple tasks like sending a welcome email requires the user to write some code

2. Fast list building

Ads2List removes the requirement of filling up a form to subscribe to any of the products. No username, email or even a password! All you need to do is click!

As the software makes use of the Google Leadgen Ads, you get your customer’s email, name and any other relevant information directly from Google. This is extremely simple since almost everyone has a Google account that they use to browse through Chrome or YouTube. Sending promotional emails to these accounts can greatly help in improving your sales and hence your profits.

3. Universal Autoresponder Adapter

The software supports many Autoresponders, including AWeber, GetResponse, SendGrid and MailChimp. Incase, your desired autoresponder is not in the list, you can easily connect to them and get leads by the Universal Adaptor, a feature that’s unique to Ads2List, making it a strong market competition. All you have to do is paste your code into the interface and let the software do its job. It will automatically find a way to connect you to your desired autoresponder and begin the flow of leads.

4. Large audience

Ad2List is not designed for a specific group of people but can be utilized in a wide range of fields and disciples. Promotional emails, discount vouchers and limited time offers can easily be sent by anyone to improve their sales.

5. User Friendly

User friendliness is perhaps the key in making your product successful. What’s the point of designing an exceptional product that people can’t use, right? Ads2List is an extremely easy to use platform that can be operated effortlessly. In just a few clicks, you can get your work done – without any hassle!

6. Fresh Leads Everyday

Why worry about losing leads and customers when you can create a fresh lead source in almost no time! Resurge with Google Leads and watch your business excel. The software attracts fresh responsive leads to your autoresponder daily, reducing the probability of losing your business. Automatic welcome message paired with one click subscriptions allow you to keep your customers happy and your profits high!

7. Training and Customer Support

The software also provides you with training to make the best of the service. With video tutorials and responsive customer support, you can make effective, eye catching campaigns in no time. Further, it also offers 24/7 live chat support and live assistance guarantee that can help you resolve your issues in no time.

8. Templates

Ads2List comes with 200 templates, covering a range of niches, that you can use instantly. Worried about drafting the perfect campaign? Don’t worry, we got your back! Just select a template and start working!

9. Money Back Guarantee

The platform comes with a money back guarantee that can be used for 30 days; risk free. If you don’t like the service or aren’t comfortable with the environment, you can generate a support ticket within 30 days and get back 100% of the money!

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Ads2List is the 2-step-forget system to grow your list forever.

1.   Create a Campaign

Add the Google Campaigns you want to promote to Ads2List and you’re ready to work with them.


2.    Add Your Autoresponder

Connect all your autoresponders and it’ll automatically fetch your lists from them.


3.    Google Ad -> List

Just select which Campaign goes to which Autoresponder List


4.    Let it Pour!

Watch the leads pour into autoresponder lists without you having to do anything else.


5.    Auto Welcome Email

Set up welcome emails containing your bonuses or any pitch for the fresh subscriber.


6.    Review Anything

Keep a tab on your subscribers and see how your lists are growing.


Let’s check this demo video out to see it in action!

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Ads2List is a well-designed system for:

    1     Product developers

    2     Affiliate marketers

    3     Ecom sellers

    4     Email marketers

    5    Local businesses

    6  Amazon sellers

7  Freelancers

8 Online/offline marketers



1.     100% newbie friendly. No previous experience needed

2.    Works for any kind of business

3.    Detailed training included

4.    Support team

5.     Web-based app ( works on PC, Mac and even your smartphone )

6.    Commercial Rights included

7. No website, no opt-in, no fake emails and unlimited scaling

8.   30 days money back guarantee


Up to this time, there is none


In the last couple of years, techniques that used to work so amazingly do not work anymore, just cuz they’ve been overused and abused by too many marketers. There was a time when you could land hundreds of leads every day using a simple signup form and one lousy PDF lead magnet. Those days are gone… forever.

Our customers have developed a strong resistance to filling in their email ids. It’s automatic and so strong that customers will often ignore the stuff they genuinely want. Just so they won’t have to fill in their email. And even if they do fill their email ids, it’s almost always a fake one, a temporary one or one that they hardly ever look at.

How are your emails going to get you any sales if they go to a mailbox that no one ever checks? That’s why email open rates are falling and marketers return on investment from emails is lower and lower every year.

So what are our options? Is there a single lead generation method left that actually works… but can still get us signups, real emails, effective leads and actual profits? Or is it really the time to say goodbye to internet marketing? Could there be a method that can get us signups without anyone having to fill in their email ID,  a method in which a customer could just click a button and his best email ID would go straight into our autoresponder… so that we can mail him our offers?

It has to be the email that the prospect looks at every day. Wait,  make it better! It has to be the email that the prospect has on their phone and checks every hour. That’s what we need to become successful again at email marketing. Do you think this is too much to ask for? What if I told you that such a method just got launched and now you can use it to get the best quality leads right into any autoresponder or CRM like clockwork?

It’s Google lead gen ads. Yes, Google now allows you to run advertisements targeting absolutely any demographic, any audience, any interest group and grab their email ids without them actually having to fill it. All they do is click a button you get the real name, their authentic Google ID and even their hand phone number. Imagine what you could do with this info?


Besides, you will get all bonuses below from creators

Ads2List Bonus
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Ubiquitii Review



Front-end: Ads2List ($27) >>More Details<<

With Ads2List you can

1. Grab leads from Google & YouTube Ads with just one-click

2. Grab leads You can also get phone numbers!

3. Grab leads A landing or squeeze page is not required

4. Grab leads A landing or squeeze page is not required

5. Grab leads Set it up once and never need to maintain it again.


OTO 1: Ads2List Pro Upgrade ($67) >>More Details<<


1. Unlimited Campaigns

2. Unlimited autoresponders

3. Unlimited Lists

4. Unlimited Leads

5. Universal Adaptor

6. Readymade sales page for pr

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OTO 2: Ads2List Agency  ($76-$96) >>More Details<<


Agency buyers can sell Ads2List to their customers using our funnels and keep 100% of the profits. They also get a readymade sales page to help them sell immediately.

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OTO 3: Leads2List Pro ($47) >>More Details<<


Powerful autoresponder for Facebook comments that has helped generate tens of thousands of sales and leads for its customers.

High converting product, did $88K on launch.

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OTO 4: TubeTarget Pro ($47) >>More Details<<


1. Get Quality Traffic: Get quality traffic from YouTube for less than a fraction of Facebook.

2. Master The Secret Tricks: Powerful, cutting- edge YouTube ad marketing video training shows you everything you need to do. Get huge savings with this thousand-dollar worth training.

3. Target Buyers With Precision: Get your targeting 100% precise and spot-on for the highest quality, best converting traffic.

4. Get Rapid Results: Put TubeTarget to practice to get measurable results right from the first day.

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Ads2List Review-Conclusion

Thank you so much for reading my Retarget! I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. This system is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take your action ASAP for the best deal.


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