MarketPresso 2.0 Review – Launch Discount + Special Bonuses

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MarketPresso  –Are you looking for more Info about  MarketPresso ? Please read out my honest review about  MarketPresso before choosing, to evaluate the weaknesses and strengths of it. Can it worth for your time and money?


1.Creator: karthik Ramani et al
2.Product:- MarketPresso
3.Launch Date:-2020-May-10
4.Launch Time:- 11:00 EST
5.Official website: Click Here
6.Front-End Price:- $47
7.Bonus:-Yes, Huge Bonuses
8.Skill:-All Levels
9.Guarantee:-30 Days Money Back Guarantee
10.Niche:- Software
11.Support:-Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
12.Recommend:-Highly recommend!

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MarketPresso is the World’s Best FIRST & ONLY builder on the planet that helps you build your “Own Marketplace”.

Earn more money than ever before by selling your digital products, physical products or services. Do freelance work or build your agency – everything is now a possibility with your own custom white-labeled marketplace.

With MarketPresso, you can:

Get more clients

Get more customers to any service that you offer

Crack those high-profit projects more easily

Build your authority as the ‘go-to’ service provider in your space.

Get highly paid for the services that you offer

Get more Recurring customers

Make clients trust you

Dominate the bigger companies

Get more sales & increase your profits online within minutes.

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Get Buyer’s Details

The famous freelancing websites never share the buyer details with you, hence always keeping you dependent on them for the orders. Sadly, this means you are building their business not your business.
However, with your own marketplace by MarketPresso, you will own the buyers list that will potentially keep on bringing recurring orders for you.

Get Started With Zero % Fees – Keep 100% Profits

Fiverr/ Upwork charges you 20% fees per sale. Over here, you will get started at zero % Fees. MarketPressowill start charging you 1% fees per sale only after you have crossed orders worth $5,000 using this platform.

Beautifully Designed Home Page

There is no denying that first look leaves first impression. MarketPresso’s beautifully designed home page ensures that you leave a long lasting first impression in front of your customers. It helps in developing confidence in your customers towards your marketplace. Plus, it creates instant authority that leads to sales.

Category, Sub-Category & Smart Menu

This marketplace is professionally crafted pages for all the categories/sub-categories. It will make scrolling & finding services much easier for your customers, allowing them to find & order your services at a breeze.

High-Converting Service Page

Your offered services will be placed in a beautiful image/video slider that gives your customers a great idea of the services you are offering.

Plus, the free flow text editor lets you add a great description for your services. In addition, the dual impact of the slider & text leads to super high conversions from this page.

Service Packages

Create 3 different packages for your services. The common example for this is the three main packages – Basic, Standard & Premium. You can consider this to be a huge profit booster simply because you get to offer more services at a better price.


Smart Pricing

Here are the various pricing options you can set:

  • Time (Per hour or minute or second)
  • Number of Hours
  • Duration of Script
  • Fixed Price
  • Flexible Price
  • of Units
  • Set Your Own Variables (XX price per YY variable)


This is a feature specially designed for the consultants who will offer freelance consultation. As a consultant, you can set your timing & price and your customers can book your direct consultation by selecting the right timing & paying you upfront.

 Messaging & Texting

MarketPresso comes up with an inbuilt chat system that lets your customers message you in real time. This increases the conversions considerably because your visitors are able to discuss their requirements first before placing an order. Hence, a much higher probability of sales conversion.


 Testimonials & Reviews

Freelance service customers show a lot of faith on other customers’ testimonials. And that’s why the app allows you to show & hide the testimonials as per your wish. Plus, you can add your own testimonials to add that additional impact.

Testimonials & Reviews

Unlimited Hosting & CName Mapping – Whitelabel Solution

You have two options for your own marketplace:

The first option is that your marketplace will run on their blazing fast servers. So, you never have to worry about the hosting for the servers.

And the second option is their 1-click CName mapping feature lets you run the marketplace on your domain, giving you the complete authority.

Payment Gateway Integration

With MarketPressoyou can collect payment using the payment gateway of your choice. They have integrated with all the leading payment gateways. For example: Paypal, Stripe,, etc.

Payment Gateway Integration

 Custom Code

This feature allows you to retarget your customers or show custom pop ups or do any custom configuration with the ability to add your custom codes. It’s very helpful for top level customizations that they will teach you how to make the best use of it in the training.

Custom Code

 Badges on Offers

As you might notice, highlighted deal grabs attention immediately & fetches more sales. And from that, you can highlight your services like “Deal of the Day”, “Hot Selling”, etc.

Badges on Offers

Browsing History

Amazon has offered this feature for years because of its effectiveness. Surely, this is a massive feature to increase sales that you can show your visitors the products they were interested in & automatically get more sales.


 SMS & Email Integration

They integrate with all the leading SMS & Email service provider companies that your customers will immediately become a part of your contact list on email & SMS platforms.

SMS & Email Integration


FAQs play a huge role in sales conversions as it helps customers understand the product better and see the product as a perfect match for them. According to many reports, pages with FAQs convert more. With MarketPresso, you can write down your own FAQs & show on individual category & service pages.

 Mobile Friendly Platform

Your marketplace will be fully mobile friendly. This platform has been tested on almost every single mobile & tablet device & it has come out with flying colors in every single one of them. You won’t miss out any sale just because your customers are on the phone.

Mobile Friendly Platform

 User Management & Customers Profile

Inside your admin dashboard, you will find an easy to manage user management portal where you can see all the details about your customers. This will help you identify your best customers & you can plan your marketing activities around them.

User Management & Customers Profile

 100% Cloud-Based App – No restriction of Windows, Mac, Desktop, Tablet or anything

MarketPresso is 100% cloud-based app. So, you are not restricted by the stupid limitations of Windows or Mac or Desktop or Tablet. Whichever device you have & in any part of the world – you can have your marketplace up & ready in a matter of seconds.



In this section of MarketPresso Review, I am going to show you an brief overview of this system and how easy it is to get started. In a nutshell, MarketPresso is the world’s first and only marketplace building. With with MarketPresso, you will have:

1) Once you’ve logged in to MarketPresso, you’ll see your Dashboard. In the center of the screen you’ll find thumbnails of your current operating marketplaces. In order to create a new marketplace, go ahead and click “Add New” in the left-hand side navigation pane.

2) A new window will pop up. Go ahead and select whether the marketplace you are setting up will be selling products or services.

3) Now you will be directed to fill out the following fields: “Market Place Name,” “Market Place URL,” and “Market Place Description.” Carefully fill out all these boxes appropriately and click the red “Save” button at the bottom when completed.

4) In order to link Products to your Market Place, go ahead and click “Product” in the left-hand side navigation pane.

5) To add a new product, select “Add New.”

6) Here you can fill out the appropriate boxes about your product, including “Product Name,” “Product Model,” “Product Description,” and “Technical Details.” Do so carefully and correctly.

7) If you’re interested in adding Product Variations (i.e. different sizes and colors), make sure the red switch in the bottom of the screen is turned on (or else switch it off- or to gray- to not allow for variations). You then may edit your variations in the top of the screen under the “Variations” tab.

8) Be sure to explore and properly fill out the “Categories,” “Tags,” and “Marketplace” options on the right side of the screen for your product as well.

9) Be sure to click “Save Product” in the top right corner when you’re all done creating your new product to your liking!

10) You can also check out our Media management and Review management features as well, which you can access in the navigation pane.

11) Under “Settings,” you’ll find more features, including our “Autoresponder” feature to edit our ready made templates or add your own.

And that’s it! Congratulations! You’ve completed MarketPresso’s basic user guide! We hope this helped you become more familiar with our amazing software and we now encourage you to go ahead and keep exploring all the awesome feature our software has to offer! Best of luck and thanks for choosing MarketPresso.

Let’s check this demo video out to see it in action!

Why are Freelancers & Agencies struggling?

People JUDGE you by the way you present yourself or your website

It’s hard to gain TRUST of new clients

You should have an amazing PORTFOLIO

They think of you as just another FREELANCER

They compare you with COMPETITORS

And finally, they always want to take you down on PRICE

MarketPresso offers a platform for sellers to showcase these services and helps freelancers & Agencies bag more orders. Isn’t that what Fiverr & Upwork or similar Freelancing sites are doing?

Not Really! Here is where the problem is!

Imagine you are offering graphic design services.

There are 1000’s of people who are selling the same service on Fiverr. Maybe they have better pricing and got better reviews than you!

Will you get an order?? 

No! Let us assume you get an order. Only because you gave a crazy low offer. You now have to

pay a 20% commission to these platforms.

What are you making in the end?


Is there a way to build a relationship with your clients and get more orders?

Naah!! You don’t get any details about your client. You have to wait until you get the next order. You don’t even get to build your list in the entire process!

With MarketPress you have,

1. Zero Competiton

2. Start with zero profit sharing

3. Build your list

It solves all the pain points that freelancers face on sites like Fiverr or Upwork!


What are the different ways to profit using MarketPresso?

1.Offer Agency services on your MarketPlace & drive traffic to local businesses using the above strategies.

2.List all your Freelancing Services under one Marketplace and bag projects without competition.

3.Sell services using all the commercial license products you have collected over the years.

4.Be a middleman and find freelancers on Fiverr / upwork and get them orders through your MarketPlace.

5.Offer Marketplace as a Service (MaaS) to your clients or other freelancers using the commercial license.

The opportunities are unlimited.



If you belong to the list below, you can, one way or another, benefit from this great deal:

1. Affiliate Marketers(For Their Website)

2. Course Creators

3. Service Provider

4. e-Commerce Business Owners

5. Graphic Designer

6. Product Creator

7. Local Consultant

8. Freelancer

9.Agency Owners


11.Newbies starting fresh with selling on the internet

12.Anyone willing to make a killing online this year!



1. 100% Cloud Based Platform

2. Super Easy Setup. No Previous Technical Knowledge Required

3. Build your list through your marketplace

4. Less competitive than other marketplaces

5. Get started almost no extra fees

6. Personalized customization allowed

7. Go public with your own logo & branding

8. Sell different types of products

9. 100% customers’ reviews in control

10. Available at one-time payment and reasonable cost.


    Up to now, I don’t find anything uncomfortable with this MarketPresso.


The table below indicates a short comparison on different aspects between the marketplace you can create with MatketPresso and Fiverr/Upwork.


1.    Your marketplace will run on your own domain with your custom branding & will create your authority instantly whenever you share the link with anyone.

2.    Your own marketplace will help develop immediate trust amongst your clients, builds your status & authority as a business owner rather than being a simple freelancer selling on Fiverr/Upwork, etc.

3.    Customers will feel supremely confident to lay trust on you and buy from you rather than any normal freelancer, allowing you to charge more, keep more & generate maximum amount of profits as quickly as possible.

4.    Thrive on list building while doing the business on MarketPresso. Basically, you will own the buyers list that will potentially keep on bringing recurring orders for you.

Clearly, MarketPresso will make you more money than anything else on the planet by letting you sell all the services that you have to offer.



Get MarketPresso today, you will get all bonuses below for free from authors:



Front End: MarketPresso $47 >>MoreDetails<<

Launch Earlybird Details:

Day 1:

Earlybird – First 5 hours – 12% coupon code “earlybird

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Price increase at midnight

Day 2:

10% off throughout the day (same coupon “earlybird”).

8% After Midnight (same coupon “earlybird”).


Look At Marketpress Oto/Upsell Given Below If you want to make more money

OTO 1: MarketPresso PRO >>More Details<<

    +    PRO LITE ($87)

    +    PRO ELITE ($97)

Generate 200 TIMES MORE PROFITS from your marketplace with the power of 10X profit booster upgrade tools… Plus, unlock Unlimited Marketplaces

Here’s what you will get in PRO Elite version:

Unlock unlimited marketplaces

Multiple upgrading ability

Immediate order upgrade

Cashback reward method (wallet)

Ability to give coupons

Ability to give bundle deals

Ability to give 1+1, 2+1 giveaway deals

Recommended for you products (like Amazon)

Loyalty points

Bump order upgrade

Customisable pop ups for showing offers/etc

Ability to send special offer via chat

3 valuable bonuses

30 day money back guarantee


OTO 2: MarketPresso Template Club >>More Details<<

    +    Template Club ($47)

    +    DFY Package ($47)

    +    Template Club + DFY Package ($67)

Here’s what you will get in Template Club + DFY Package version:

1 new industry standard premium theme delivered to you per month

 Freelancing theme

 Agency theme

 Local business theme

 Launch special one time price

 10 done for you marketplaces

 50 done for you services in top niches

 DFY – Description for all the services

 DFY – Basic + Standard + Premium Variations

 DFY – Checkout Page “Upsells”

 DFY – all images + placeholders + categories + sub-categories + thumbnails + badges + checkout pages + FAQs + Recommended for you tags, etc for all the 10 Marketplaces

 100% conversions optimised services description

 Marketplaces curated by the best copywriters & designers


OTO 3: MarketPresso Agency >>More Details<<

    +    Agency Lite ($97)

    +    Agency Elite ($197)

    +    Agency Premium ($297)

Allow Others To Sell in Your Marketplace & Take Commission On Every Sale PLUS Sell Brand New Marketpresso Software Licenses To Your Clients & Keep 100% Profits!

Here’s what you will get in MarketPresso Agency Premium version:

Start Your 6 Figures Business With MarketPresso

Allow Others To Sell in Your Marketplace

Take Commissions On Every Sale

Unlimited Sellers

Freelancing Income Has Crossed $1 Trillion Yearly & Growing Rapidly

WhiteLabel Rights to MarketPresso

Sell Brand New Marketplaces To Your Clients

Keep 100% Profits

Branded WhiteLabel Login With Your Logo & Branding

Sell at your own price – Keep 100% Profits

Charge a monthly recurring or a one-time premium amount

Can Sell To 100 Clients

Clients Can Make Upto 5 Marketplaces Each


OTO 4: MarketPresso Mobile App ($197) >>More Details<<

Get fully done for you MarketPresso Mobile App that lets you tap into 3.2 trillion hungry customer base & $1.8 trillion Mobile App industry

MarketPresso Mobile App

 Already Published On Android & IOS

 Tap Into 3.2 Billion Hungry Customer Base & $1.8 Trillion Mobile App Industry

 Get In Front Of Hungry Buyers

 Get Started Selling Through It Immediately

 Build Customer Loyalty & Marketplace Authority

 Save 1000s Of Dollars Of Heavy Development Cost & Several Months Of Turnaround Time

 Limited Time Bonus – Unlimited Mobile Apps For All Your Marketplaces


MarketPresso Review-Conclusion

Thank you so much for reading my MarketPresso Review! I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. This system is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take your action ASAP for the best deal.


Besides, if you buy this product through my link, you can also get these huge bonuses below (Please remember that these bonuses are not for the TRIAL or FREE versions):


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3rd: After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at

4th: You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours

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