Sendiio 2.0 Review-Launch Discount & Special Bonus

Sendiio 2.0  –Are you looking for more Info about  Sendiio 2.0? Please read out my honest review about  it before choosing, to evaluate the weaknesses and strengths of it. Can it worth for your time and money?


1.Creator: Joshua Zamora

2.Product:- Sendiio 2.0

3.Launch Date:-2020-Feb-20

4.Launch Time:- 11:00 EST

5.Official website: Click Here

6.Front-End Price:- $37

7.Bonus:-Yes, Huge Bonuses

8.Skill:-All Levels

9.Guarantee:-30 Days Money Back Guarantee

10.Niche:- General

11.Support:-Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе

12.Recommend:-Highly recommend!

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Sendiio is the 1st and ONLY autoresponder that combines the power of email marketing, Text Message Marketing and Facebook Messenger Marketing ALL under ONE, CENTRAL Dashboard – at a ONE-TIME price!

Your customers can now tap into the 3 MOST profitable marketing channels in ONE PLACE! They no longer have to wonder if email is best, text is best or facebook messenger is best.

Sendiio 2.0 – What is NEW in it?

Tagging Automation On Steroids

Tag ANY & all your subscribers at MULTIPLE points of profit once they join your list. Tag them at the point of joining, tag them throughout your follow-up seqeuence, tag them based on the actions they take on your broadcast messages, automatically remove them from one tag when they get inserted to another and so much more. This lets you keep your finger on the pulse of EACH single subscriber that joins your list.

NEW Agency-Grouping Feature

This’s a REALLY powerful one that I haven’t seen ANY other autoresponder have. They’ve created the 1st & only autoresponder that lets you create UNIQUE Groups for EVERY of your customers, so you can profitably & safely create campaigns on THEIR behalf WHILE keeping ALL of their contacts and campaigns SEPARATELY! Plus to make it even BETTER, you can give them SUB-ACCESS to their UNIQUE Group ONLY so they too can view or create campaigns themselves.

NEW & Improved Stats System For Campaigns

Joshua Zamora et al have COMPLETELY overhauled their entire stats reporting page to give you a MUCH better idea of what is going on with your campaigns. As I mentioned above, they all know that keeping your finger on the pulse of your subscribers lets you make better decisions with your campaigns and adjust for profitability. With this new update, they hope to have made that better for you AND let you get a more VISUAL picture of your campaign stats.

TWO-Way Text Messaging

They all know how powerful text message marketing can be, right? However, many of their users requested the ability to RECEIVE the replies that their subscribers send back since many times, you will need more than one interaction to make a sale with texts. This powerful feature lets you instantly receive the REPLIES from your SMS campaigns directly into your Sendiio account.

SMS Text Bot-Replies

They also took the above feature even FURTHER and let you create automatic bot replies to ANYBODY that replies to your text messages. Yup, Sendiio 2.0 will now automatically reply back FOR YOU based on ANY keyword automation that you set up. Talk about awesome, right?

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1. Import Unlimited Email Contacts WITHOUT Having to go through a verification process

Unlike most autoresponders, you will likely lose 30-40% of your email list when trying to import to them because they will make ALL your contacts have to CONFIRM to be on your list ONCE AGAIN – even if they had been your subscriber for years.

2. Create Unlimited Email Lists

Just as you are able to import unlimited contacts, you are also able to create unlimited email lists and assign every list of imported emails to their own separate email list. This’s extremely powerful if you are operating in different niches, are building different brands, have different products & services, need to keep your free subscribers separate from your PAID clients or anything in between. With Sendiio you can easily create as many different email lists as you want.

3. Create Unlimited Optin Forms to build your list even further

You are able to quickly & easily create unlimited optin forms which integrate with ALL page builders on the market. It does not matter if you are using ClickFunnels, OptimizePress, LeadPages, ProfitBuilder, Elegant Themes or ANY other lead-capture page builder. Just create your form, copy their HTML or iFrame code and paste it into ANY page you would like.

4. Create Unlimited Follow-Up Sequence Campaigns

True passive income from your email list comes in the form of automated follow-up sequences. With Sendiio you can insert as many automated messages to be sent to your list 100% automatically to generate sales for you EACH.SINGLE.DAY without you having to put in ANY work yourself. Once your sequence is set up, you can just concenttrate on feeding your list and allow Sendiioto  handle the bringing in the profit for you.

5. Create Unlimited 1-time Broadcasts Campaigns

Do you prefer to email your list on a day-by-day basis instead of using a follow-up sequence? No problem! With Sendiio, you can easily create an UNLIMITED amount of one-time broadcast email campaigns as well! Use these to send out a quick announcement, send out a special promotion, or ANYTHING you would like!

6. Connect UNLIMITED Domain names

Do you run multiple brands and need to send emails from different domains and/or brands? With Sendiio they have made it extremely easy to connect an UNLIMITED amount of domains to your account that you are able to send emails from. This lets you keep everything separate & operate in as many profitable niches as you would like.

7. Send UNLIMITED emails without ANY monthly fees by simply connecting to your SMTP

With Sendiio, you can easily connect to your C-panel SMTP account in 60 secs or LESS and send as many emails are your hosting allows without EVER paying any monthly fees. This’s the PERFECT strategy if you are just starting out with building your email list & profiting with email marketing. It requires ZERO monthly fees and you can easily grow as your business grows into a paid SMTP provider. They also walk you through EXACTLY how to set it up & how to set up your domain for MAXIMUM deliverability.

8. FULLY-Flexible Scheduling System For Your Broadcasts

Want to run your campaign instantly or schedule it for the future? No problem, they have a fully-flexible scheduling system that’ll let you schedule your campaigns to be sent out instantly OR schedule it for the next day or as far out as you would like. You will be able to schedule an UNLIMITED amount of email broadcasts as well.

9. Fully-Flexible Scheduling System For Your Follow-Up Sequences

Just like your broadcasts, you have full flexibility of how your follow-up sequences are sent. You are able to select to have them sent on specific days of the week AND at specific times of the day! Or you are just able to leave it open to be sent at the interval in which they joined your list. You are in full control of how your follow-up sequences are sent.

10. Connect to ANY premium SMTP providers in a few minutes

Ready to graduate from using your hosting’s SMTP & start using a PREMIUM SMTP account? You are able to seamlessly integrate Sendiio with ANY of the TOP SMTP providers for even better delivery.

11. View In-depth Stats For ALL Your Email Campaigns

See who opened your email, who did not open your emails, who clicked on the links in your emails, who did not click on the links etc. Plus you will be able to see the GEOLOCATION of the subscribers you are emailing, see what device they are reading your emails on and TONs of other VITAL info that will assist you better understand your subscribers & MAXIMISE your profit.

12. Automatic Removal of Bounced Emails for amazing list hygiene

One of the BIGGEST factors for low delivery of your emails is to NOT eliminate bounced emails from your lists. With Sendiio, you will be able to easily set up an automatic bounced-email removal process to always keep your lists clean & up-to-date.

13. Skyrocket Your PROFIT by RESENDING your email campaigns based on your subscribers activity

Just like you can SEE all the vital stats they mentioned above, Sendiio lets you TAKE ACTION on that vital info to easily make more profit. Most email campaigns capture 30-40% MORE profit by simply re-mailing later in the day to those people who DID NOT open the email the first time around. Sendiio makes it SUPER easy to Resend your campaigns to capture more profit.



I’m gonna walk you through a quick tour of the members area! But if you want more in-depth demo videos of each part of this product, we’re gonna have all of that broken down on the sales page and you can find the sales page here!

Sendiio 2.0 dashboard

First let me quickly show you what we have when it comes to Facebook. So if you go to my Facebook, you’ll be able to connect an unlimited number of Facebook fan pages.

facebook feature

And here this is just a handful of the features that you’re gonna be able to to do.

i. You’re gonna be able to add an automatic welcome message to be sent to everyone that messages your fan pages

ii. You’re gonna be able to create an unlimited number of chat bot replies so if any one messages your fan page and mentions certain keywords that you input here… as soon as those keywords are triggered, Sendiio 2.0 is gonna automatically reply to those people. For example, if someone messages your fan page and mentions the word coupon and you have coupon in here as a trigger word. That’s gonna automatic reply.

ii Same with comment auto replies

manage facebook page

Skip to the Broadcast management module. Once you add all your emails, you can come in and completely style your email however you want.

add new broadcast

i. Save it as a template

ii. Load it from previous templates

iii. You can run a campaign immediately

iv. We have a very powerful feature here that’s gonna be one of the upgrade offers where Sendiio 2.0 will automatically resend your campaign to those who did not open your previous email you having to do anything extra but fill out three options.

Sendiio 2.0 settings

So this allows you to send as many email broadcast as you want.

Next is the Sequences management. Here you can add an unlimited number of email sequences to be sent to your different email lists. Now we have a very powerful option here which allows you to send this sequence to your existing list emails, or to send it just to your new emails that get added to that list.

add new sequence

You will need to fill all the information out and then you click add another email then you can just start creating a bunch of email sequences up in here by just continuing to fill it out, then add another email again.

You have full control of how these email sequences are sent…

  • You can choose how many days in between each email that the next one is sent
  • You can choose to have them sent on specific days and at specific times during those days
Sendiio 2.0 settings

Last but not least, SMS feature. Once you have your phone numbers imported into Sendiio 2.0, you can start sending SMS text broadcast to those subscribers.

add new sms broadcast

Here you can see exactly how that’s done. You just name your campaign, select the list that you want to sent to. You could send to just one or multiple. Fill your content, then you can run this campaign immediately or schedule it for the future.

Let’s check this demo video out to see it in action!


If you belong to the list below, you can, one way or another, benefit from this great deal:

1. Affiliate Marketers(For Their Website)

2. Course Creators

3. Service Provider

4. e-Commerce Business Owners

5. Graphic Designer

6. Product Creator

7. Local Consultant

8. Freelancer

9. Online Marketer



1.  100% friendly to newbie

2. Full and detailed instructions to use

3. Automated process

4. Import Unlimited Lists

5. Create Unlimited Email Marketing Campaigns

6. Create Unlimited Text Message Marketing Campaigns

7. Create Unlimited Facebook Messenger Campaigns

8. Double Optin + Custom Confirmation Emails

9. New And Improved Stats System For Campaigns

10. New Agency-Grouping Feature

11. 30 day money back guaranteed


      X    Up to now, there is not any.


Sendiio 2.0 is a proven and tested tool which is necessarily helpful for boosting your online business and during this 2.0 version opening, you can get:

    1. A MASSIVELY improved platform

    2.    A CRAZY 67% discount

    3.    Many INSANE bonuses

All of these can help you quickly and easily get access to TOP 3 Profitable Channels, close to your customers and increase your current income instantly.



Sendiio 2.0 Bonus


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-6.png

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-7.png


FE: Sendiio Agency ($27-37) >>MoreDetails<<

Gives you full access to use the Email, Text and FB Messenger automation and list building features. PLUS we’ve decided to throw in AGENCY access on the FE, so they can offer these 3 services to their clients as well.


OTO 1 : Sendiio Academy ($67) >>MoreDetails<<

In this training you will learn how to build their first 1,000 subscribers in the next 14 days or less. I’m going to share with them 10 different FREE traffic strategies that they can start using TODAY to generate as much traffic as they’d like and start building their list.


OTO 2 : Sendiio Elite ($27-37/M) >>MoreDetails<<

Allows you to bypass the SMTP set up process and send emails using our powerful servers of SEASONED IP Addresses.

This will ensure they get HIGHER, FASTER, and more RELIABLE delivery right out of the gate.


OTO 3: Sendiio VA License ($67) >>MoreDetails<<

Give access to your VA to run campaigns for you and NEVER compromise your contacts. They’ll be able to send campaigns for you, but NEVER get access to ANY of your leads.


OTO 4: Sendiio Booster ($97) >>MoreDetails<<

One of the most powerful things when it comes to List marketing, is to send to your unopens. One of the unique things about Sendiio is the ability to send to your UNOPENS automatically when setting up your campaigns.


OTO 5: Sendiio + EmailRamp ($67) >>MoreDetails<<

This is Neil Napier’s EmailRamp platform that comes preloaded with 999+ high-converting, pre-written emails that customers can copy+paste into Sendiio to generate profit without writing a single word themselves. It has 9 different niches AND 7 different styles of emails from Story-tellers, Emotional emails, re-engagement and much much more


Sendiio 2.0 Review-Conclusion

Thank you so much for reading my Sendiio 2.0 Review! I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. This system is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take your action ASAP for the best deal.


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