Vidnami Review – A.I. Powered Video Creator With Human-Like Voiceover

Vidnami Review

Vidnami Review: Are you looking for more knowledge about Vidnami?  Please read out my honest review about It before choosing, to evaluate the weaknesses and strengths of it. Can it worth for your time and money?


1.Creator:-Team Noble Samurai

2. Product:-Vidnami

3.Free Trial:-YES, 14 Day Free Trial

4.Launch Time:- 11:00 EDT

5.Official website:Click Here

6.Front-End Price:-  $47/month

7.Bonus:-Yes, Huge Bonuses

8.Skill:-All Levels

9.Guarantee:-30 Days Money Back Guarantee

10.Niche:- A.I. Powered Video Creator

11.Support:-Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе

12.Recommend:-Highly recommend!

vidnami review

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vidnami review

Vidnami Review-WHAT IS Vidnami?

“Vidnami” is an online-based video creation software platform (SAAS) that uses the new machine learning & A.I. technology to produce amazing videos from a written script(script in the sense, it may be your blog post article or PLR article or your own written content).

Unlike other video creation software, Vidnami is so unique, It finds relevant background images and video clips for your written script and it automatically makes the slides, combines them to make a unique video with human-like voices using its text-to-speech technology.

vidnami review

Vidnami Review – FEATURES  & BENEFITS.


Vidnami has over nearly a million Royalty-Free video clips, and a few million high-quality images to choose from. They’ve got everything you need to make your next project come alive with the perfect visuals.

From stock footage of people doing everyday things, like cooking or working out, to clips of exotic animals in their natural habitats.

You can find what you need quickly and easily with our search engine which allows users to filter by category or keyword.

If you don’t know what type of clip or image you’re looking for then just browse through keywords until something catches your eye!


Vidnami has over 100,000 copyright-free music tracks in all categories. Whether you need background music for your video or just want to listen to some tunes while working on your project, they have what you’re looking for.

With Vidnami there’s no more worrying about licensing fees or royalties – it’s all included with every purchase!


With Vidnami, you can upload your own custom images, video clips, and music tracks directly into the app.

You can also add text to any frame of your video to make it more personalized. It’s perfect for making quick edits on the go or creating something really special for someone else as a gift!


Vidnami has hundreds of professionally designed templates for Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin, and more!

With Vidnami you can easily make your own professional-looking videos in minutes. You’ll be able to save time on creating content while still having the ability to personalize it with your company’s branding.

These templates are easy-to-use so that anyone can get started right away!


You can use AutoVoice to instantly convert your text to speech, or upload a pre-recorded voice track.

It’s perfect for making videos of yourself talking about anything from cooking recipes to how-to tutorials.

Whether you’re a YouTuber, vlogger, or just want to make a video for fun with friends, Vidnami has everything you need.

Upload your own voice track and use AutoVoice to instantly convert text into speech. Or record your own voice in seconds with our simple recording tool. It’s never been easier!


Vidnami uses AI to analyze your text and automatically select clips from your footage that will make a great video. The result? You can create videos in minutes, not hours.

The process of making a video can be time-consuming, but with Vidnami it’s as easy as sending an email.

New Features Added Into Vidnami in 2021

There are so many improvements and cool features that have been added to the Vidnami such as

  • Upload custom video clips
  • Format video clip
  • Insert video clips into slides
  • Represent video clips

In 2020, the noble samurai team has integrated over 30,000 copyright-free music tracks.

Wait, that’s not all.

Now you can create Influencer type videos with Vidnami’s influencer video templates.

These new Influencer Video Templates automatically add captions to your speaking video, and you can even drop clips and photos around your speaking head to demonstrate exactly what you’re talking about!

All you need to do is record a video on your smartphone or webcam, and upload it to Vidnami.

The machine then analyzes your video, listens to what you’re saying, and translates your speech to text automatically.

No more manually typing files … No more charging for transcription services … All happens automatically with a single button press.

Vidnami Review 2021
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Using Vidnami is very simple and gets better all the time.  Constant updates are being added to make it easier to use and enhance features.

Step #1:  Once logged into your Vidnami account, click on “Create a new video” button.  Or you can view, edit, clone, or download any previous videos you created.

vidnami dashboard

Step #2: Now you just need to choose the type of video you want to create.  Then you’ll see pre-made templates you can use or you can customize them to use specific fonts and colors.

Vidnami Review

Step #3: Moving on, you want to type out or paste in your video script.  Make sure it is properly punctuated.  Vidnami is very intelligent and will use the punctuation to make the automated audio sound more realistic. Of course, you will also have the option to add your own voice, or a professional voice-over if you prefer.

Vidnami Review

Step #4: Now you want to edit the scenes and make sure you like the media Vidnami picked out for you.  This is as simple as entering a keyword and choosing the media you want to use to replace.  You can also edit the text, add more slides and more.

Vidnami Review

Step #5: Now your video is ready, you can optionally add audio to it in a variety of ways.  You can choose to just use one of the thousands of background music choices if you don’t want audio or you can use the built-in audio to read your script which is pretty good.  

Or to make it sound really good, you can record your own voice right inside Vidnami or even upload a professional voiceover and it will sync the audio with the video script automatically.

add audio to vidnami

Step #6: Finally, you can preview your video in low resolution, make any additional changes, add music, watermarks, change scene timing and more.

Vidnami Review

That’s it!  Normally it only takes about 20 minutes to make a really good video if you already have your script prepared.  You’ll be amazed at the accuracy of the media it automatically chooses for your video as it’s creating it.  

Once you add audio and preview it, you’re ready to download and use your video for sales pages, product reviews, tutorials, educational or whatever your video needs are.

Watch This Demo Video Given Below To See In Action

vidnami review

Vidnami Review-How To Make Money With Vidnami?

The possibilities are endless using Vidnami video software. I have discussed a few of the best ways you can use this tool.


There are so many ways you can use Vidnami to make money. The number one way to make a profit using YouTube’s AdSense program.

Actually, you can create a YouTube channel and monetize with AdSense Ads. Make sure to check out the case study part to see how a Vdnami user generating over $12,000 a month using this software.


If you don’t want to earn with AdSense, I have some alternative ways for you to making 5X or even 10X more revenue than the AdSense income.

Yes, you can make more money than Google Adsense when you promote Affiliate or CPA offers. There are thousands of affiliate programs out there. They will pay anywhere between 50% to 100% commission for each sale you refer to them.

If you upload at least 2 videos per day to your YouTube channel on a consistent basis, your channel will grow and it will generate a lot of free traffic and clicks to your affiliate links. I am sure it will make your sales. I know affiliate marketing works.


Right now, I am busy with local businesses. I am banking some nice money from one of my local clients for my video service. You can also make money in this way also. To get clients, you can go to google and search local businesses around your city and make a call, tell them the potential of video marketing.

My client is getting hundreds of calls from the videos that I made and uploaded to his YouTube channel. Because each and every video has a phone number in the title, description, and thumbnails.

The possibilities are endless with Vidnami. Here is another article that teaches you step-by-step how to make money with Vidnami & Youtube.

Vidnami Review- WHO IS Vidnami INTENDED FOR?

 1  Influencers

2  Business owners

3 Video creators

Product creators

5   Internet marketers

6   Freelancers

7. Online/offline marketers

Vidnami Review– PROS AND CONS


i. 790,000+ Storyblocks Video Clips

 ii. 30+ Popular Fonts

iii. Automatic Captions

iv. Intelligent Clip Selection

v. No Video Editing Necessary

vi. 14 Automatic Text to Speech Voices

vi. Landscape & Square videos

vii. Premium video templates

viii. Vidnami is fast in exporting the videos

ix. Unlimited team members

x. Regularly updated with new features and more built-in media


i. More pricing options needed

ii. No video animations available

vidnami review


Let me recap what you will get inside Vidnami

So, how much does the tool cost to use?


  ⊕  Everything On The Monthly Plan Has Plus
  ⊕  No Credit Card Required
  ⊕  Create Unlimited Videos
  ⊕  Keep The Videos You Make
  ⊕  7-day Risk-free Try Before You Buy
  ⊕  No Vidnami Watermarks


  ⊕  Create Unlimited Videos
  ⊕  125,000,000+ Royalty-Free Images
  ⊕  40+ Stunning Video Templates
  ⊕  30+ Popular Fonts
  ⊕  Auto-intelligent Image Selection
  ⊕  Automatic Text To Speech Technology
  ⊕  Automatic Sync Of Audio And Visuals
  ⊕  Automatically Bolds Keywords, Adds Transitions & Animates Text
  ⊕  Full Motion Video Backgrounds
  ⊕  Landscape & Square Videos
  ⊕  Customizable Templates & Branding
  ⊕  Upload Your Own Images, Videos, Voice Tracks, Watermarks & Your Own Music


  ⊕  Everything On The Monthly Plan Has Plus
  ⊕  25% Discount From The Monthly Subscription
  ⊕  Create Unlimited Videos
  ⊕  Keep The Videos You Make
  ⊕  Charged Monthly
  ⊕  This is One Of The Best Price


  ⊕  Everything On The Monthly Plan Has Plus
  ⊕  30% Off Monthly Subscription
  ⊕  Create Unlimited Videos
  ⊕  Keep The Videos You Make
  ⊕  Charged Annually
  ⊕  Best Price Available!

Vidnami Pricing & Cost

Their first option is the 14 day free trial. I’ll leave a link to their special free trial offer.

  • Important: Click here to activate your 14 day free trial

The second option is how much you’ll be paying per month for the tool, which is $47 a month.

Although it’s cheaper and a lot less expensive than most other video creator tools, it can still be a bit pricey.

So what i’ll do, is share with you a 25% discount later throughout this post, to help you get it cheaper.

Lastly, we have the annual plan option for $397 a year, which ends up saving you a bit of money as well.

I’ll be honest, the last plan isn’t really for everyone (it’s more useful, if you intend on using this tool long term, and want to save money upfront).

I’m no mathematician by any means, but here are the stats.

  • $47 a month x 12 months (a year) = $564 a year.
  • $564 – $397 (annual plan) = $167 in extra savings.

Which means you save $167 each year with the annual plan, if you were to pay $47 a month for an entire year.

But don’t worry, if you would prefer a monthly discounted rate, keep reading because i’ve got you covered.

vidnami review

Vidnami Review-Conclusion

Hopefully, with my honest thoughts about Vidnami,I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. I understand the decision of taking out $47/month one time price is not simply made but this investment is profitable and for a sustainable business.

And your investment is guaranteed safely thanks to 30 Days Refund without any questions asked.

Thank you so much for reading my Vidnami. This system is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take your action ASAP for the best deal.

vidnami review

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Vidnami Review-Get Our Bonuses

vidnami review


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vidnami review
vidnami review
vidnami review
vidnami review

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vidnami review

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