Zerotouch Review – Launch discount and Bonuses

Zerotouch review: Are you looking for more knowledge about Zerotouch? Please read out my honest review about it before choosing, to evaluate it’s weaknesses and strengths. Is it worth your time and money?

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Zerotouch REVIEW- Product OVERVIEW

1. Creator: Roshni Dhal

2. Product: Zerotouch

3. Launch date: 2020-Aug 24

4. Launch time: 11:00 EST

5. Official website: Click here

6. Front-end price: $47

7. Bonus: Yes, huge bonuses

8. Skill: All levels

9. Guarantee: 30 day money back guarantee

10. Niche: Business Management

11. Support: Effective response

12. Recommend: Highly recommend!

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WHAT IS Zerotouch?

Zerotouch is a cloud-based application that let’s you create contactless business management solutions and sell them to local businesses everywhere. You can provide these local businesses with a life-saving solution to keep their business going through the new realities brought on by Covid-19, and effortlessly make a monthly profit yourself in the process.

ZeroTouch is a fully powered Enterprise level Contactless Business suite to help revive the Local Businesses. With the commercial license that comes with the software, you can use these online stores for your business as well as sell them to other clients.

It is a solution designed to make the Entire In-Store Experience to the best of Safety Norms which will win back your Customer’s Trust and as a result get you better FootFalls and More Revenue. There is No Queues, No Touch, No Waiting. And everything happens right from their Mobile so they can follow all the social distancing and other safety measures while still engaging with you business.

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1. Multi Client Access Panel

With ZeroTouch you’ll be able to create access panels for multiple clients. You can dedicate each brand to a single client and because it is completely customizable, your clients will never know that you it’s ZeroTouch. It’d be as if you made everything on your own.

2. Multi User Client Panel with Access Level Roles

Add unlimited Employees to manage the Orders in Real Time inside the Store, with the inbuilt Client Panel.

3. Advanced Customisable Brand Settings for Each Client

Your brand needs it’s own recognition so ZeroTouch lets you customise the entire frontend to your liking, from Logo to domain to catalog images, everything is customisable.

4. Fully Contactless Enabled Digital Store Creation

The customers can browse the stores simply with the scan of a Barcode, no contact whatsoever.

5. Unlimited Products & Catalogues Per Client

Do not be restricted by the number or products or number of Catalogues per client. Add as many as you need, so you can sell to small brands with a couple of items to big food chains with 100s of products.

6. Multi Currency Stores

Go Global! Because with ZeroTouch, each store can be customised to have it’s own currency, depending on the Country and location. The Language can also be changed according to the customers.

7. Multi Category Stores & Catalogues

Cater to all kinds of businesses because each store can have multiple categories and multiple catalogues depending on the structure and the Products they are offering. The Digital Catalog has all of the options.

8. 100% Digital Menu / Catalog Creation

The entire menu is Digital in nature, which brings out the ease while placing and Order. No Queues, No Waiting and No Touch. It’s all convenience.

9. Scannable Catalogues

Place barcodes at different locations in your store like Tables, Billing counter or outside your food joint so the customers can easily scan it and access your entire store Catalogue. It’s as simple as that.

10. Advanced Customisation in Categories

Customizations are available with categories as well. From Rearranging Categories itself to rearranging products inside these Categories gives you the freedom to show the Right Products at right places.

11. Detailed Product Level Settings

Set individual Images, Description, Price, Currency for every single product with it’s detailed settings and you also have full language flexibility.

12. Unlimited Add-On Functionality for Products

Each Product in ZeroTouch can have instant upsells called as add-ons. You can add unlimited add-ons to each of your Product and customers can chose Instantly. Now we can upsell In-Store as well at ease.

13. Multi Branch / Location Creation for Stores

Every business have different requirements, and at ZeroTouch we have the ability to handle any sized business. You can set Multiple Branches for the Respective Brand and provide them the service at ease.

14. Scanable QR Codes for Different Stations / Branches / Tables

ZeroTouch handles almost every kind of Local Business ranging from a Shopping Destination to Salons to Restaurants. That’s why we have different Barcodes assigned for each Branch or a Table (in case of dine in).

15. Full Featured Enterprise Grade Order Management Solution (OMS) Built-In

With ZeroTouch it’s not just about getting Orders but also about managing them. Each time a new order is received, one is notified and you can mark the order as in Process or Completed based on which stage it is.

16. Branch / Channel / Table Level Support at OMS

We have designed the process minutely and made sure that any order Clients receive at any Table or a particular channel or at a Branch, all can be managed at ease with our built in Order Management Solution.

17. Unlimited Orders Support

At ZeroTouch, we don’t restrict your clients by any bounds. They can accept and process unlimited orders for their store, branches and channels at ease.

18. Client Level Store Whitelabeling

The best part about ZeroTouch is Store Whitelabeling. No one has to know that your Client is using our services. You can set up your Domain, your Store Branding and give customers a uniformed look and feel to the entire in store experience.

19. Contactless Ordering Solution

The Key behind ZeroTouch is a hassle free Contactless Ordering. Customers can order without any queues, self service level convenience and all in Store.

20. Multiple Payment Gateway Integration

We have multiple payment integrations already available inside the app. You can connect your Client’s Stripe, Paypal or Razorpay accounts and get the Order going in no Time.

21. Fully Customisable Digitally Scannable Menus with Instruction Cards

At ZeroTouch we are also giving a facility to customise the barcode with Instruction cards which can be plugged in store either at a standy, or on the Table or at Billing counter.

22. 1 Click Customers Central View

Inside the Dashboard, we have a Dedicated section where you can see all the Customers in one screen and arrange them with ascending and descending orders.

Zerotouch is a solution that can save local businesses facing the wrath of the unpredictable lifestyle that Covid19 has brought upon us.


With Zerotouch creating your own own Video course is as simple as 1,2,3:

Step 1: Customer scans the barcode

Step 2: Customer orders the item

Step 3: The item is delivered to the customer

And that’s it.


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1. Entrepreneurs

2. Food joints

3. Hotels

4. Coffee Shops

5. Beer Bars

6. Departmental stores

7. Cake Shops

8. Car washes

9. Boutiques

10. Bakeries

And every other local business you can think of.



1. Better Safety for you and your customers

2. Minimize Customer Contact

3. Stay compliant to the norms

4. Increase Customer Satisfaction

5. No more long queues

6. Collect Contactless Payments

7. Keep 100% of the Profits

8. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

9. Cloud-Based Software


No significant cons have been found.

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If you thought Zerotouch couldn’t get any better, we’ve got some limited-time bonuses for you for being a fast-action taker! However, you must act before this offer closes. Because once it does, these bonuses will NOT be available anymore.


Zerotouch Review-FAQs

Q: Can we accept unlimited orders?

A: Yes, you can accept unlimited orders for your Clients, we don’t put any restriction to that.

Q: Is there any training?

A: Absolutely! Zerotouch is amazingly easy to use for anyone but we have still included easy to understand step by step training to make sure you never hit a snag.

Q: Is there a money back guarantee?

A: Yes – If you’re not 100% satisfied, we offer a full no questions asked money back guarantee. Just send us a Support Ticket once the launch Period is Over and we will take care of it for you. You have absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain! So scroll back up & choose the right plan for you! We know you’re going to LOVE it!

Your investment is secure with us, but this discounted launch price for ZeroTouch is time sensitive, so Grab your copy before the prices rise!


Is Zerotouch Worth Buying ?

Yes, it’s not only worth buying rather it has become absolutely necessary for almost all local businesses. Covid-19 has shocked the world in such a way that nobody could have anticipated or prepared for. Everybody is trying to deal with the situation at hand in any way possible and the worst hit are undoubtedly the local businesses. The reason for that is because even though the world has started opening up, local businesses cannot continue to run like they used to because of the safety measures and precautions in place. But safety gloves and masks are not gonna be enough to save them.

They will not start to receive a regular footfall of customers until and unless they can reassure their customer’s safety, without making it too inconvenient for them at the same time.

This is why ZeroTouch becomes absolutely VITAL for these businesses.

You can provide them a digital management solution that let’s their customers access their product and services catalogue with a simple scan of a barcode. It saves their customers time spent in long queues, and the risk of coming into contact with other people. The ease of being able to do all of this through their phones will improve their experience and bring in more customers for you.

So adapt to the rapidly changing times and Grab this brand new software right now at a One-Time Early Bird launch price, and start making money. Hurry-up before the price starts rising.


Front End : Zerotouch Agency ($47-$67) >>More Details<<

Sell a much needed solution to Local Clients Effortlessly for Monthly Profits & Help them Save their Business from the Wrath of Covid 19 with the amazing features of the ZeroTouch Agency Front end.

For a limited time, you can grab ZeroTouch with early bird discount price of $47 ONLY in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer is gone!

Zerotouch is available for a low one-time price for a short period only. Make sure you act before the price rises to a monthly fees.

The price will keep on increasing every hour.

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Don’t Forget To Check Out Upgrades If you want to make more money and grab advance features !!!

OTO 1 : ZeroTouch Agency Pro ($97) >>More Details<<

Here are 17 Reasons to Upgrade your Package:

1. 100 Clients License

2. Order as a Guest

3. Cash on Delivery

4. Unlimited Catalogs Creation

5. QR Code Level Designs

6. Custom Branded QR Codes

7. Add & Manage Unlimited Promotional Banners

8. Add & Manage Special Announcement Tickers

9. Special Sale & Offers Menu Creation

10. Invoicing on Orders

11. SMS Order Confirmation via Twilio

12. Surveys/Feedbacks — NPS Scoring of Customers

13. Unlimited Users for Order Management

14. Advanced CRM for Customers View

15. 1 Click Order Fulfillment

16. Deeper Insights Into Shop / Store Performance

17. Know Top Products Selling & Top Customer Regions, etc.

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OTO 2 : Done for you Agency Biz-in-a-Box ($77) >>More Details<<

Here’s everything you get with this upgrade:

1. Done for you Agency Website

2. Done for you Animated Sales Video

3. Done for you Banners, Ads and Ad Copies

4. Outreach Emails

5. Telephone Scripts

6. Done for you Pricing Sheets with Proposal

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OTO 3 : Zerotouch Client Finder ($67) >>More Details<<

You can have all the services and tools and even the outreach campaigns planned out, but none of this means anything if you cannot find Clients to sell these services to. That exactly what this upgrade does for you. It is basically a 3 in 1 Clint getting system that will find you suitable clients and get you their contact details simply at the click of a Button.

This upgrade consists of 3 Tools, Biz Finder : An app to find you clients; Mail Push : To send out cold outreach emails to your clients; and Text Push : To take your outreach program to the next level by reaching your clients on there mobile devices via text messages. These 3 tools combined with our training program will make you an absolute client closing beast, even if you’re never done it before!

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Zerotouch is a Social Distancing Powered Business in a Box Solution” that every local business Needs, in order to Survive and Propel in New Covid19 Era and you can use ZeroTouch to build a business management solution for your own business or sell it to other businesses in need and make tons of profit for yourself. It simple, it’s effective and it comes with great add-ons that will increase your capabilities by many times.

Thanks for reading. Hope my insight is useful for you and your business.

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Zerotouch Review: Get their Bonuses

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